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Meal Accounts

Donate your student's meal account balance to the School Food Project!

We take our mission of providing tasty, nutritious, meals along with high-quality nutrition education to BVSD students very seriously. Your donation helps ensure that every BVSD student receives the support they deserve! 


All students have a personal meal account. Students access their account using their six-digit student ID#.

As you may already be aware, school lunches are now FREE for BVSD students. Students are allowed one free entree per day, along with unlimited salad from the salad bar to accompany their meal. Students are also allowed a free breakfast each day at school. 

Second entrees and a la carte items purchased without a full meal (like a side salad, milk, or fruit) can still be purchased using your student's meal account. Putting money on your student’s account in advance eliminates the need for your child to remember to bring money to school daily. Having money in their account also helps keep lunch lines moving.

Remember, if your student is bringing lunch from home, they are still able to purchase milk, fruit and side salad bar.


MyPayments Plus

Manage your child’s BVSD Meal Account online by using MyPaymentsPlus, an online school lunch account management tool. With, you can set up a low-balance email reminder for when your student’s account gets below a level you choose. If you prefer, you can set up an auto-refill when your student’s account drops to a level you choose. No money is ever charged to your credit card without your approval and there are no transaction fees.

Remember, lunches are FREE for BVSD students next year. There are still items available for purchase, but students receiving breakfast or a lunch entree (including unlimited salad) will no longer need to pay for their meal. is fast, easy and very convenient to use. Visit to add money to any BVSD meal account, or you can send cash or check (in any dollar amount). Cash or checks sent with your child to the cafeteria will be credited to your child’s personal meal account. If using checks, please make payable to Boulder Valley School District. Write your child’s first and last name and student ID# on the check to be sure the money is deposited into the correct account.

Please contact the cafeteria or as needed to check on your child’s account balance before it gets too low.

Negative Balances & Meal Debt

BVSD policy dictates that students coming through the school lunch line will be provided with a complete school meal regardless of their meal account balance. As a result of the Healthy School Meals for All Program passed by Colorado voters, breakfast and one lunch entree (with unlimited salad) are now FREE for BVSD students. Second entrees and a la carte items are available for purchase. In order to purchase a la carte items, students need to either have money in their MyPaymentsPlus account or cash. It is not possible to purchase these extra items with a negative balance.