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If you would like to review our six-week cycle menu with one of our Registered Dietitians to determine which foods your child can and can't eat given their food restrictions, please email Stephen.

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Allergen FAQs

How do I know what menu items contain allergens that could be harmful to my child?

Food Services has created extensive lists of the top 8 food allergens for all breakfast, lunch and snack menu items (see above). If your child has a severe or life-threatening allergy, you should also notify the nurse or health office at your student’s school. If necessary, our staff has been adequately trained in cross contamination and will change gloves and utensils to accommodate your child’s food allergy. You can also opt to join our Allergen Alert email group. This email group is used periodically to alert parents and caregivers of children with food allergies of any menu or product information changes. 

How can my child try new menu items but still avoid food items that will affect their dairy intolerance?

Many entrees on the lunch menu do contain dairy products such as cheese. However, the cheese in some items is added on the lunch line by the kitchen staff, so your child can ask to have these items without cheese. To determine which breakfast, lunch and snack items contain milk/dairy, please refer to column 4 of the allergen lists above. 

Are there any afterschool snack options for my child that do not contain any tree nut or peanut products?

None of the afterschool snack items contain peanuts or tree nuts. However, some products may have been processed on or near equipment that does. For more specific information, please consult our snack allergen list above. Reasonable substitutions will be made at the site level if the staff is made aware of the allergy issue. 

What are the best gluten free lunch choices for my child?

On the yearly menu, items that are gluten free are labeled with a small “GF” symbol. In some cases, only a portion of the complete entree is labeled with the “GF” symbol. In such cases, that is the only part of the entree that is gluten free. If the “GF” symbol appears at the end of the entree name, then the entire dish is gluten free. Please also reference our breakfast, lunch and snacks Gluten Free Item lists to see a complete list of gluten free choices. 

​The salad bar is entirely gluten free every day in every school. This includes all dressings and composed salads. We are pleased to offer the gluten free salad bar meal option every day to all students, with an optional slice of Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free Bread as an additional grain item.​​​