Meatless Monday

​ ​​​​At the School Food Project, we participate in Meatless Monday by providing a meat-free menu at all schools once a month. Students can choose from three different meat-free options and/or enjoy the unlimited salad bar full of fresh vegetables, fruit, grain salads and meat-free proteins. Refer to the BVSD Lunch Menu to view the dates of this year’s Meatless Monday events and the specific menu options.​​​​​​

Why Meatless Monday? 

For Your Health

Meat in moderation is a great source of protein and numerous vitamins and minerals, but eating too much meat - especially red and processed meat - increases your risk for chronic disease. Going meatless at least one day a week may reduce heart disease and stroke, limit cancer risk, fight diabetes, curb weight gain and help you live longer. 

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For Your Wallet

Eating less meat each week is a great way to save money on groceries! Plant-based proteins, especially when bought in bulk, are very inexpensive and can easily meet your family’s daily protein needs. And fresh and seasonal vegetables and fruits can be found at supermarkets and farmers' markets for very reasonable prices.

For the Environment

Skipping meat once a week also helps reduce your carbon footprint! The livestock industry is one of the largest contributors to global environmental degradation. Livestock animals produce large amounts of greenhouse gases and require large amounts of pesticides, chemical fertilizer, feed, fuel and water. By consuming less meat, you automatically save the environment, too. 

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Try Meatless Monday at Home

Committing to Meatless Monday as a family is a great way to teach kids about eating healthy and helping the planet. Consider trying Meatless Monday at home by eating meat-free dinners and even encouraging your kids to help cook on Mondays. Check out these great recipe resources:

Meatless Monday Recipes 

Kids Cook Monday ​​