Our nutrition education program is built around the Harvest of the Month (HOTM) which celebrates the seasonality of local foods. Watch for HOTM posters in cafeterias, harvest collector cards for our elementary students and local produce on our menu and salad bars each month.

We host nearly 200 nutrition education programs each year including:

  • Tastings - provide an opportunity for students to try samples of our menu items and HOTM featured produce.

  • Rainbow Days - introduce elementary students to the salad bar while teaching healthy fruit and veggie choices and portion control.

  • Chef Demonstrations - engage secondary students with a sensory approach to our lunch menu and encourage them to try new foods.

  • Calendar and Poster Art Contests - show what local food means to our kids.

  • Iron Chef Competitions - offer our students the opportunity to cook what they want to eat for school lunch.

  • Farmer Visits - enable students to meet BVSD farmer partners who grow the beautiful produce for our salad bars and lunch menu.

  • Farm Field Trips - provide hands on experience for students to learn about farm operations, where food comes from and how it is grown.

  • A Taste of BVSD Food Festival - offers parents, students and community members to sample our high-quality entrees and side dishes while celebrating local food and connecting students and their families with BVSD garden and farmer partners.

  • Harvest of the Month - cultivates student knowledge local, seasonal foods.

  • Garden as a Classroom Curriculum - access resources, tips and tools to start or maintain a school garden and incorporate it into curricula. 

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BVSD's Farm to School education/marketing elements are posted and available for public view and downloading on the Chef Ann Foundation’s “The Lunchbox” website at .
"​We love the Farm-to-School Program, and we really enjoy how much our son loves the lunch and is willing to eat it happily."​