Healthy Celebrations Toolkit

Food and drinks are commonly part of school celebrations, classroom rewards, and other special events, however, these offerings can be healthy and support student well-being. Teachers, staff, and parents can work together to ensure that we are supporting our students' healthy bodies and healthy minds. Below you'll find some ideas for healthy, Smart Snack-compliant foods and drinks and ideas for nonfood rewards such as extra time for recess, stickers, or dance parties.

Healthy Celebration Guides

Smart Snack Calculator

​Smart Snacks

The USDA’s Smart Snacks in School standards put in place practical, evidence-based nutrition standards for snacks and beverages sold in vending machines, school stores, snack carts, á la carte lines and in-school fundraising. This is an important part of promoting healthier options while kids are in school, helping them develop lifelong healthy eating habits. 

You can also choose to purchase any of the following BVSD-verified, Smart Snack compliant items from your local grocery store. 

Please note the serving sizes to ensure compliance. 

Please also be mindful of your school or classroom's policy regarding nuts and other allergens. Those items listed below with known peanut ingredients have been highlighted in red and marked with an asterisk. We encourage you to double-check ingredient lists to ensure allergen safety.

Smart Snack Calculator

To find out if your healthy celebration food or drink meets BVSD and Smart Snack guidelines, click on the Alliance for a Healthier Generation Smart Snack Calculator above.

Smart Snack Approved Foods & Drinks


Item Size
Belly Bears Animal Graham Crackers 1.0 oz
Whole Grain Cheddar Goldfish 0.75 oz
Nature Valley Oats and Honey Bar * 1.49 oz
Nature Valley Peanut Butter Bar * 1.49 oz
Smartfood Cheddar Popcorn 0.5 oz
Indiana Kettlecorn 1.0 oz
Boulder Canyon Hot Fries 1.0 oz
Kind Oats and Honey Bar 1.2 oz
Kind Peanut Butter/Chocolate Chip Bar * 1.2 oz
Justin's Nut Butter Peanut Butter Packet * 1.15 oz
Clif Kid Z Iced Oatmeal Bar * 1.27 oz
Clif Kid Z Protein Choc Chip Bar * 1.27 oz
Clif Kid Z Protein Peanut Butter/Choc. Chip Bar * 1.27 oz
Chex Cheddar Mix 0.9 oz
Kettle Brand Potato Chips - Sea Salt Vinegar 0.8 oz
Cashews * 1.0 oz
Almonds * 1.0 oz
Sunflower Seeds 1.2 oz
Jennie-O Turkey Sticks 0.5 oz

Asterisk * indicates a nut allergen.


Item Size
Apple Juice 10 fl. oz.
Orange Juice 10 fl. oz.
Grape Juice 10 fl. oz.
Coconut Water 11.8 fl. oz.
Unsweetened Sparkling Water 12 fl. oz.
Izze Sparkling Juice 12 fl. oz.

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